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While I have dedicated most of my in-water time to photography, I have always wanted to work predominantly with video. I now have sufficient editing hardware to diversify my videography portfolio, and will be expanding my filming work into terrestrial and freshwater settings in the future. In the meantime, I hope my debut film, Time and Tides, gives you a flavour of my creative flair as a filmmaker.

I have been collecting fossils on the Jurassic Coast for over a decade, and it remains one of my favourite places on Earth. After I moved to Devon and began to dive the commonly collected fossil beaches, I realised that while the Jurassic Coast is celebrated for its world-class fossils, its modern marine life is often overlooked.  Animals below the tide line are living amongst rocky reefs made from the very deposits their ancestors were buried in some 200 million years ago. I wanted to share this unique combination of life, both past and present, with others, and so my debut short film, Time and Tides, came to be.

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